Breaking Storm

By Nick Cook

The storm clouds of destiny are tightening their fist and chasing after Dom and Angelique. Who in turn are chasing after Jules to rescue her from the clutches of Lord Ambra as he whisks her away to Hells Couldron. Their journey takes them from the whispered secrets of Floating City, to the fiery terrors of Hells Cauldron. Dom learns how he must discover the legacy of an ancient race hidden within the heart of every single airship and help break their chains of slavery. But, above all he must stop an ultimate weapon being developed, a weapon which threatens every free Earth across the dimensions. The key to everything is within Dom, but will he find the strength to see his way through. Dom will need every skill he has learned about being a Cloud Ride to face the coming storm…


About the book

Published | October 14, 2015

About the author

Having completed his degree in sculpture back in 1985, rather than face the artist's traditional garret Nick took the plunge into, what was then, the emerging computer games industry. For more than 21 years Nick worked as a graphic artist and creative director, helping to create over forty published titles, including many chart-topping hits. 
Nick has a passion for science and astronomy, often blogging about the latest mind-blowing discoveries made in quantum physics. He once even soloed a light aircraft, an experience he's tapping into now for Cloud Riders. Not needing any excuse to travel, he recently completed a writing research trip to the volcanic landscape of Iceland for the second book in the Cloud Riders' trilogy, Breaking Storm.

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